Saturday, 4 October 2014

Saturday Afternoon Outside Sainsbury’s

It’s raining and I have a buggy and no coat. I wait for Mrs TubeToday in the covered trolley bay outside my local Sainsbury’s. It’s very busy. People buy shitloads of food.

The trolley bay is busy too. Trolley boys work like beavers to make sure there are enough shopping trolleys for the floods of customers filling the supermarket.

Trolley boys are fascinating if you watch them.  

Trolley boys are fun to watch if you’re bored.

If you’re waiting outside a supermarket and trying to save your phone battery, trolley people are mildly interesting to observe.

There are loads of them working today and they’re all soaked. Don’t let an Indian summer catch you boys, it’s still October, in England.  They do a good job though the four of them. There’s older head trolley boy guy, young-dumb-and-full-of-even-more-dumb blond guys number one and two, and a roadie-looking one with tattoos and a ponytail.  I watch them for 10 minutes and the bay slowly fills up. Older head trolley boy guy says that after one last big sweep they’ll be good for an hour or so. They all seem happy with that.

Then the roadie one meets a friend. He’s an older gentleman with grey hair and is wearing really blue jeans, a white t-shirt with extra short sleeves and Asics trainers. He also has a tattoo on his shoulder. Older gentleman doesn’t waste time exchanging pleasantries.

“Do you have season four of muffled eavesdropping failure TV series?”

Whatever the series he’s talking about roadie trolley boy doesn’t have it and in fact has only seen the first three episodes. Asics man is disappointed but happy that he’s so far ahead of his young friend on such an important show.

He’s telling roadie how great it is and that, in fact, he wouldn’t even mind starting it all over again when his wife arrives. She’s a small woman and is pushing a very large trolley. She says a very short hello to roadie and heads towards the supermarket.

The atmosphere has changed. TV talk is over and without a thanks, goodbye, or let me know if you want to borrow season 2, the husband follows his wife into the supermarket leaving roadie trolley boy alone looking out into the rain thinking about one last big sweep.